International money transfers with MoneyGram

Looking for a convenient and reliable way to transfer to your funds internationally?

If you need to transfer less than $10,000 AUD overseas, or simply across the country, Sydney Currency Services is authorised agent and offers quick and easy MoneyGram transfer service. This service allows you to send money to family and friends wherever and whenever they need it. MoneyGram offers global money transfers in more than 200 countries and territories through a huge international network of over 35,000 agent locations. Once your transaction is completed via MoneyGram, your funds will be sent and can be delivered in as little as 10 minutes*. (*The delivery time depends on the type of the transaction and its destination)

How do I send money?

Never used or heard the MoneyGram service before? No worries – the process is super easy and takes no time at all.

1. Visit our store in person, as you will need to get in touch with our consultant.
2. Bring the money you need to send and either your Passport, driver’s licence or national identification card(proof of age or state photo ID).
3. Have your receiver’s information. Or if you prefer to send to bank account, bring the receivers account details.
4. Pay your transaction – provide the money you want to send, plus the transaction fee, to the consultant.
5. Once your transaction has been processed, you will be given a receipt along with the transfer reference number. For your records, we recommend keeping the receipt for a while just in case.

How do I receive money?

MoneyGram is a two-way transaction channel. Receiving an oversea transfer from family or friends via MoneyGram is as easy as sending one to them.

When you want to pick up your money:
1. Bring your Passport, driver’s licence or national identification card (proof of age or state photo ID) along with MoneyGram transaction reference number.
2. By providing us the reference number, our consultant can complete MoneyGram Receive transaction in store and access your money in a matter of minutes.
3. Once everything has been verified, you will receive your money in Australian Dollars.

Why transfer money?

People use money transfer service for all kinds of reasons, but these are some most common ones:

1. Relocation – Moving overseas? Need to send some funds to your new home so you have the finances to sustain yourself while setting up a bank account. MoneyGram can help you! You can send money to yourself internationally and pick it up when you arrived your destination.
2. Special occasions – Is your favourite niece or nephew having a special day to celebrate? Maybe you want to send money home for special events or festivals, Ramadan, Diwali or Christmas? MoneyGram can help you to send your love.
3. Family support – Does your family live overseas? You may need to support them to pay bills, mortgage, living expenses or other debts. Regardless of why you need to provide your family with financial assistance, MoneyGram can ensure the money gets them quickly and securely.

Need help?

If you need to use MoneyGram transfer service for any reason, we can guide you through your first MoneyGram transaction. Simply click on “Contact Us” to send us an email or call us on 02 8904 9840 (Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 6pm).

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MoneyGram Terms and Conditions

Subject to agent operating hours, availability, local laws and regulations, You may be required to provide personal identification, usually one or more of the following: Passport, Driver’s Licence, National Identification Card, or a government issued identification.
You may also be required to provide proof of address (Banks Statement, or utility bill).
Requirements vary by country so please speak to our consultant for acceptable identification formats. In addition to the transfer fees applicable to a transaction, a currency exchange rate set by Sydney Currency Services may be applied. Prices subject to change.
For full terms and conditions for MoneyGram, please visit, or contact customer support on 1800 049 087